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San Diego Gopher Control and Removal

We proud to be the best at eliminating gophers for San Diego gopher control.  We offer gopher service to take care of your gopher problem on a one-time or monthly program. WE ARE A POISON FREE COMPANY and use our trapping skills to eliminate gopher infestations. Our pest control techniques are SAFE for pets and children as well as non target wildlife. We are the best choice for gopher control San Diego. For more information on pocket gophers please go to our gophers page.

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San Diego Mole Control and Removal

We are San Diego mole experts, and use NO POISON for our mole extermination. We know how to kill moles and how to eliminate moles from your property. Mole control is totally different than other burrowing pests in looks, diet and activities. We love being the best problem solvers for moles in San Diego County and that includes being effective with moles in residential and commercial settings. We use several types of traps to kill moles and eliminate mole damage.

Moles push up dirt along the driveway, sidewalk, around rocks, trees and hard scape around your property. The mole eats bugs, grubs and especially worms. Moles also make mole mounds which are volcano shaped and can be very large. When we show up to your San Diego area property we can tell right away if you have mole doing the damage on your lawn. We will implement the most effective technique to eliminate the mole using NO POISON AND OFFERING A 60 DAY GUARANTEE.

San Diego Ground Squirrel Control and Removal

Our company is licensed in agricultural pest control and equipped to eliminate ground squirrels that may be digging under your foundation or eating your crops in San Diego County. These squirrels are adorable but very damaging to your property. This is why some people find it hard to kill squirrels until they find all the damage.

We use several techniques to kill ground squirrels and get rid of ground squirrels when we are on the job. We will use the proper and safest method to eliminate your squirrel infestation. We are the best choice for a ground squirrel removal company in San Diego and surrounding areas. More detailed information on ground squirrels and squirrel removal methods please see our page on ground squirrels.


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